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Student Counseling Section


The mission of the Student Counseling Section is to help enhance the quality of student life, including students’ psychological growth and learning as part of their education. Focusing primarily on counseling for students, we conduct education and awareness-raising activities concerning psychological issues and growth, offer consultations for staff and faculty members, and provide psychological assistance and support for those who need it. In addition, from the perspective of our specialization in student counseling, we seek to upgrade and enhance student support and counseling systems throughout the university, conduct outreach in partnership with relevant organizations, and carry out studies aimed at understanding student needs and improving the university environment.


The Student Counseling Section is a counseling service for students throughout the university (undergraduate and graduate students). We deal with requests for advice from all students concerning student life and learning. Our counselors are specialized teachers who are qualified clinical psychologists and we give the utmost consideration to ensuring the privacy of those who seek our advice. International students can also receive counseling, as we have counselors who can speak other languages (English and Chinese). If necessary, we can refer queries concerning matters specific to each school and graduate school (such as how to take a course, how to study, and future career paths) to an advisor at the relevant school or graduate school.

We deal with a variety of issues, including the following.
■Matters concerning learning, psychological issues, or finding employment
  • Difficulty in understanding the purpose and value of university life and education after entering university.
  • Difficulty in understanding how to study a specific subject or general difficulty in obtaining credits.
  • Considering changing career path (transfering to another school or retaking the entrance examination).
  • Problems motivating yourself to do your research or lack of desire to come to the university.
  • Uncertainty about what to do when job-seeking activities are not going smoothly.
■Interpersonal relationships or attitudes and personality-related issues
  • Worries your relationships with friends.
  • Difficulty in making friends because of problems in communicating with people.
  • Worries about relationships with more senior students and faculty members in one’s department.
  • Wanting to review relationship with your one’s parents.
■Lifestyle patterns, failure to attend classes, and social withdrawal
  • A lack of interest in anything and ongoing lack of desire to come to the university.
  • Difficulty in getting up in the morning and inability to attend morning classes, resulting in taking the whole day off.
  • Ongoing inability to come to the university.
■Psychological issues
  • A lack of energy and motivation.
  • Instability of mood, making it difficult to get things done.
■Leaves of absence and student life after returning to university
  • Counseling about taking a leave of absence or returning to university.
■Matters concerning friends
  • A friend seems down and has recently stopped coming to the university.
  • A friend has problems in his/her relationships with people around them and you would like to know how to help.
■Various worries about student life
  • Concerns about a problem that has arisen in one’s extracurricular activities or part-time job.
  • Financial issues.

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The staff of the Student Counseling Section consists of faculty members/counselors who are qualified clinical psychologists (counselors) and advisors from each school and graduate school, whom you can consult about your studies/research or career path in your specialized field.


  • Hideaki Fukumori (professor)
  • Tomoko Matsushita(associate professor)
  • Shinji Oda (associate professor)
  • Yusaku Omodaka (associate professor)
  • Huang Zhengguo (associate professor, International Student Center)
  • Fumika Funatsu(lecturer)
  • Taeko Oi (assistant professor)


  • (English & Japanese)
    Satoshi Takamatsu (Ito: Center, West)
  • Yuko Sakaki (Ito: Center)
  • Rieko Miyahara (Ito: Center)
  • (Chinese)
    Gu Peiling (Ito: East)
  • (Japanese)
    Yasuyuki Kira (Ito:Center, East)
  • Ryoji Yoshinaga (Ito: Center, East)
  • Yasuyo Bansho (Ito: East)
  • Miki Koudatsu (Ito: Center,Maidashi)
  • Junko Kobayashi (Ohashi)
  • Yuko Shirabe (Ohashi)
  • Yuki Uchiyama (Ito: Center)

Vision for the Future

The Student Counseling Office aims to enhance student counseling activities that offer psychological support, such as individual counseling sessions, in order to deepen partnerships with relevant organizations and enable each and every student to study with peace of mind. In addition, we aim to expand our student counseling system and activities in order to meet global standards, working closely with student counseling organizations both within Japan and overseas.