• Regular Medical Check-up for Students
  • Medical Care
  • Counseling for Students
  • self-care


  • Infirmaries
  • Student Counseling Sections
  • Division of Health Promotion and Development
  • Support Section for Equal Opportunity Services
  • Student Well-Being Section
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You can seek counseling about a variety of issues.

  • Those seeking advice concerning mental or physical health
  • Those seeking advice concerning student life, learning, orinterpersonal relationships
  • Those seeking medical attention for an illness or injury
  • Those seeking advice concerning diet, quitting smoking, or other lifestyle issues
  • Those wishing to have their blood pressure or weight/body fat checked
  • Those seeking advice about disability
  • Those interested in supporting people with disabilities
  • Those unsure which department to consult
  • Those seeking a referral to an external medical institution
  • Those interested in health science
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