Medical Checkup

  • 2021Medical Check-Up Schedule for Kyushu University Students
  • Things to Bring/Note
  • Access・Map
  • Q&A
  • About the Reiwa 3rd Year Medical Examination Certificate
  • Reservation Method

Regular Medical Checkup for Students

Regular medical checkup for students is implemented in accordance with the regulation of the School Health and Safety Act.
All students (including research students, etc.) have to take a medical checkup.
Please make an advance reservation after answering “Web-Based Screening”.
(Reservation only. If you do not make a reservation, you will not be able to take a checkup.)
In addition, please check “Things to Bring” and “Note”.
If you have any questions or concerns, please read “Q & A” and “Medical Examination Certificate” first.

Schedule・Venue Access・Map

〔April 4th to April 28th, 2023〕Ito Campus.Center for Health Sciences and Counseling (CHC) Main Office (2nd floor, "Big Sand", or above 7-ELEVEN)
〔April 6th to April,2023〕Hospital Campus. CHC Hospital Branch (1st floor, Administrative Office Building)
〔April 17th to April 18th, 2023〕Ohashi Campus. CHC Ohashi Branch (2nd floor, "Design Common")
〔April 20th to April, 2023〕Chikushi Campus. CHC Chikushi Branch (1st floor, Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering)

Reservation Method  You can answer and make a reservation from 13:00 PM March 29th(Wed.)

※If you are planning to graduate, please do not answer and make a reservation.
※Who go on to the Master’s course or Doctoral course, please answer and make a reservation with your new student number after the entrance ceremony.
※New students should answer and make a reservation after receiving student ID.

※Please complete to answer “Web-Based Screening” and make a reservation in advance.
※If you do not complete “Web-Based Screening” or not make a reservation, you will not be able to take a medical checkup.
※Please make a reservation early as your preferred date and time may be full.

Things to Bring
  • Student ID
  • A plain black or white T-shirt
  • Attendance Card (either by presenting a screen-shot or a print-out of the attendance card)
  1. ①Please complete answer the web-based screening and make a reservation in advance.
  2. ②When you take a chest X-ray examination, you have to take off an underwear on the top half of your body (brassiere, camisole, etc.).
    If you want to wear a T-shirt when having your examination, bring a plain black or white T-shirt with you.
  3. ③Wear a mask (a nonwoven mask if possible).
  4. ④Please check your body temperature before the medical checkup (If the temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees, you are not allowed to take a checkup).
    ※If you do not cooperate with the above, you may not be able to take a medical checkup.
  5. ⑤Visiting Researchers and Research Fellows are not eligible to take this checkup.
  6. ⑥You can issue a medical examination certificate for students who have taken a medical checkup. Examples of the need for a medical examination certificate include clinical and educational practices, and employment activities, etc.
  7. ⑦If you need any special assistance, please contact the Student Support Section by e-mail in advance.(e.g., physical disability, mental disorder, chronic health condition, development disorder, gender dysphoria and/or religious issues).
・Support Section, Student Support Division
・Center for Health Sciences and Counseling
  Main Office (Ito Campus Center Zone)TEL: 092-802-5881
  Ito West Zone BranchTEL: 092-802-3297
  Hospital BranchTEL: 092-642-6889
  Ohashi BranchTEL: 092-553-4581
  Chikushi BranchTEL: 092-583-8431

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