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For the Families of students

If you have a concern about your children

Continuing the education of your child in a university is a pleasant thing for family members, and they might feel lonely or worried because it is the time to become independent. However, for students, the fact that family presence is important in their lives does not change, and support from their family is essential when they encounter difficulties. Moreover, when students need some support, they can obtain it from experts in Kyushu University Center for Health Sciences and Counseling (CHC). There are doctors, nurses, counselors, and psychiatric social workers in CHC, and we accept any consultation related to university life, such as consultations about mental/physical health, studies, and human relationships.

Signals of students who have some problems

University students have several challenges to overcome, and it is when they face various mental difficulties.
The following are the signals that are shown from students who have problems or worries:

  • Rapid decrease of grades,
  • Insomnia,
  • Changes of clothes or some other kinds,
  • Lethargy or weakness,
  • Unstable feeling,
  • Pessimism and hopelessness,
  • Irritation or restlessness,
  • Strange behavior (e.g., disorganized thinking and paranoia),
  • Hinting at suicide or death, and
  • Social withdrawal. etc.

To support your children

Support from family is highly crucial for students who have some problems. We introduce the way to get involved with children who show the above noted signals.

  • Do not “wait until tomorrow.” If you notice that something worries your children, you should talk to them and discuss about it.
  • First, when you talk to your children, you should listen to them carefully. When you listen, do not scold nor deny, but listen gently.
  • Try not to underestimate the problem and not to say “It is not a big problem” easily.
  • Try not “to take duties of your children.” Instead, you should communicate with them conveying which choice they can do to solve the problem and what support they can take. It helps them do something by themselves to solve it.
  • If solving the problem with communication is difficult, please advise to use CHC

How to consult CHC

Students often hesitate to go to consultation or obtain counseling. However, their families commonly suggest that they go to necessary consultation. Please tell your children that CHC accepts a wide variety of consultations, e.g., from minor to serious problems. CHC has a branch office on each campus. If you want to take consultation or counseling, then please call us.

We accept consultation not only from students but also from their family

we accept consultation from the family of students. Please contact CHC’s Coordination Section or Student Counseling Section.

About a duty of confidentiality

The staff of CHC have a duty of confidentiality; hence, we cannot answer status of utilization or consultation contents without the acceptance of clients (students). If you have a question about children who are consulting us, then it is a good way to ask them about the status of the consultation.

Want to Receive Consultation
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