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In university life, students face various problems, such as studies, friendships, and their courses. In such situations, are you not worried in divergent ways? Some students do not ask about consultations because of embarrassment or do not know who is familiar with consultations although they want others to consult.

Only a little ingenuity for each problem can solve it easily by yourself. We put some hints to solve problems that commonly happen in universities for students who wonder whether they would go to consultations or not.

If you do not have some problems now, then knowing how to deal with problems can help you know what you can do when others have them. Please read these hints once!

If you want to know more or if you have problems, except for these hints, then please feel free to use the Center for Health Sciences and Counseling (CHC).

Self-care e-Learning Program

Self-care Leaflet

The leaflets listed below are organized knowledge by theme for students to deal with some treatment by themselves when they feel bad. Please use it as a guidance when you are in trouble.

1. Student Life

①Student Counselling FAQs(PDF)
②Chat Tips(PDF)
③Exams and announcement tips (PDF)
④How to quit procrastination (PDF)
⑤Recover from failure(PDF)
⑥Adolescence and Parent-Child Relationship(PDF)
⑦anger control(PDF)
⑧enrolled from other universities(PDF)
⑨Good Time Management(PDF)
⑩Friends of College Students(PDF)
⑪Quitting Coll(PDF)
⑫For those who are going to study abroad(PDF)

2. Mental and Physical Health

①Sleep disorder(PDF)
④Intestinal issues(PDF)
⑤Adjustment disorder(PDF)
⑥Anxiety disorder and panic disorder(PDF)
⑦Cause for depression(PDF)
⑧Symptoms of depression(PDF)
⑨Nerves and Self-Reliance Training(PDF)
⑪Health Hazards of Smoking(PDF)
⑫Infectious Diseases(PDF)

Quote and reference of self-care data

Self-care data which publish in this page quote and refer to literature below

1. Student Life

②Hint for chat
・Douhaku Akiniwa “Introduction of chat skills” (Published by Daiwa Shuppan)
・Takashi Saito “The way of speaking that improves chat skills” (Published by Diamond, Inc.)
③How to do exam and presentation
④To stop procrastination
⑤To stop procrastination

These three themes refer to distribution data in MONASH University.

2. Mental and Physical Health

・The Japanese BioIron Society HP “Treatment of Iron deficiency Anemia”
・Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Syncope (JCS 2012)
(The Japanese Circulation Society)
④About intestinal
・Shin Matsumoto “Introduction to Anatomy”
5th Edition (
・Masanori Naito “New light in irritable bowel syndrome”
CareNet (

●Self program for improving university students’ QOL:PDF(EEP Leaflet)
●Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare:Let’s maintain our mind ~mental health site that supports young people~
●Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare:Mental health for everyone (for the public)